Many of the people who attend my workshops start out by thinking that unless you’re an artist or you understand the complexities of colour theory you can’t create a successful original design. It’s lovely to see their confidence blossom when I reassure them that, as knitters, they’re already creative. All they need is some inspiration and a little guidance to help them develop their own designs and to realise their creative potential. I hope A Story in Yarn will inspire you to create your own beautiful motifs based on your favourite plants and flowers. As you journey through the book and walk through the seasons with me, knitting as you go, I hope you’ll gain the confidence and techniques needed to create your very own intarsia heirloom quilt to pass down through the generations.

Colourwork Knits

The artist and designer Dee Hardwicke finds endless inspiration in the natural world and is renowned for her beautiful ceramics, stationery and knits. Now Dee’s latest book, Colourwork Knits, features her first knitwear collection, with stunning designs inspired by nature.

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Published by Quail Studio.

Knitted with Rowan yarns.

Photography by Jesse Wild.

Seasonal Palettes

My four Seasonal Palette books - Felted Tweed, Moordale, Kid Classic and Cotton Cashmere are all inspired by the landscapes surrounding my home in the Welsh countryside. Each Seasonal Palette, yarn range is made from existing Rowan yarn colours together with colours that I have created exclusively for Rowan Yarns.


As an artist, I find that each knitted stitch is almost like a brushstroke of paint, and I tend to think of knitting as painting in yarn. My approach to colour has always been very instinctive. I only have to step outside to be inspired by the ever-changing patterns and colours to be found from season to season, and it’s incredible what you notice when you really start to look. I’ve always loved the way that the sky creates an ever-changing canvas throughout the seasons, and how the crisp blues of autumn and winter highlight the dusky pinks, rich yellows and purple-tinged earth tones to be found in the fields, hillsides and hedgerows. That wonderfully layered and complex palette has inspired these four Seasonal Palette collections.

Lookbooks for Seasonal Palettes:

Moordale, Kid Classic, Cotton Cashmere

Dee Hardwicke's Little Colour Knits

As an artist I am always exploring new designs and my inspiration comes from the natural landscape. My studio is in the historic market town of Monmouth, where I am surrounded by the beauty of the Welsh Marches. I am inspired by leaves, flowers, seedlings... all these things are around me and attract me in different ways at different times of the year.


In some seasons it is the pure colour that catches my attention: vibrant reds, glinting golds or earthy browns in autumn, or the fresh greens, sharp blues and citrus yellows of spring. At other times, it is the stark outline of shape and form.


I have always had a love for yarns, and having knitted with Rowan yarns and patterns it wasn’t long before I began to wonder what would happen when my motifs were translated in knitted form.


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