I am a ceramic artist with a rich and diverse portfolio inspired by my love of the British landscape and steeped in the artisan tradition of the Arts & Crafts movement. I trained in the fine arts, studying painting and sculpture before undertaking an apprenticeship with Quaker potters in the Welsh Marches. My business now encompasses everything from creating bespoke tiles and mosaics, to working with carefully selected companies to design beautiful chinaware, stationery, rugs and flooring that bring joy and a welcome splash of colour into everyday life.


I’m endlessly inspired by the natural world surrounding my home between the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons. I’m never without my sketchbooks, and their pages quickly become filled with all of the enchanting details that catch my eye throughout the seasons, from the colours and patterns of a wild flower meadow on a summer’s day, to the ethereal quality of a butterfly’s wings, or the tranquillity of an ancient forest emerging from the dawn light.


My sketchbooks become a celebration of nature as I fill their pages with drawings, watercolours, pressed leaves and flowers. I often find beauty and inspiration in the most unlikely places – perhaps the crack in a corner of a building where a delicate yet brightly coloured flower has taken root – and it’s often the tiniest of details that plants the seeds of a design.


Based in a studio in the historic market town of Monmouth, I work with a variety of materials such as clay, paper and wool to develop my designs into beautiful products. I derive enormous pleasure from the way in which each material responds differently, stimulating and guiding the creative process.


For example, I’ve created a unique method of making mosaics that encompasses my training in, and love of, painting and sculpture. I begin each commission in my sketchbook, planning the cuts of every piece right from the initial stages of the design. Each tiny piece of the mosaic is cut by hand from wet, rolled out clay. I then paint these tesserae with specially mixed ceramic slips, and the pieces are glazed and fired up to three times to create just the right effect. The process is intense but fascinating and it results in mosaics that have an intimate, jewel-like quality.


I’m a passionate believer in creating joyful and accessible pieces that bring pleasure and beauty into everyday life. I’m delighted to be able to use my years of experience as a studio artist to work closely with commercial partners who share my aim of creating thoughtfully designed products that are as functional as they are beautiful.

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