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Broad Walk & Lavender Collections

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

borders repeat ©dee hardwicke-crop-u15356_2x.jpg
lavender ©dee hardwicke copy 2_2x.jpg
lavender collection cutout-crop-u15336_2x.png

I was delighted when the wonderful team at Kew approached me about creating a design based on my favourite lavenders. As an artist and designer, I'm endlessly inspired by the ever-changing beauty of Britain's landscapes and gardens, so the glorious surroundings of Kew provide inspiration at every turn. Based on my original botanical watercolours, the Dee Hardwicke Lavender collection is inspired by the fragrant swathes of sun-kissed lavenders in Kew's Broad Walk and Mediterranean Garden.
The Dee Hardwicke Broad Walk collection then evokes the joy of wandering along Kew's herbaceous borders and admiring the gorgeous array of flowers – from lavenders and foxgloves to achillea – as butterflies and bees flit from one bloom to another. Both collections have been designed to bring some of the beauty and tranquility of Kew's world-renowned gardens to your home.

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